Online Dating. Now you see them, now you don’t.

So, i’m no expert in dating, although, I feel like it sometimes, I have had many dates over the past 4/5 years and yep, I am STILL single!

My dreams of sat, grabbing a quick coffee on my lunch break, happily sipping at my americano, unaware that the man of my dreams, everything I want, with his chiseled  jawline and fabulous smile, is sat on his own too, right opposite me just waiting to approach. We catch each others eyes, we give a little smerk,  before… Yes you guessed it, he walks over asks me my name, and boom. Happy ever after! 😂 (Wakey wakey⏰💤) are shattered!

photography of couple holding hands
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This has got to be the most cliche and obvious dream…🤔  Maybe boring? Maybe something little more exciting perhaps.? 😁  Either way, the simple accessible way of above would be amazing!  But I have accepted that online dating is upon us and seems to be the way to do it now!

I’ve been single almost 6 years!  Apart from a 6 month relationship in middle with a crazy obsessive guy which I’d rather forget…. I have been on plenty of dates, and Will probably have quite a few more, and you lucky people are going to join me on my journey. 🙌🏻

So, How not to suck at dating? Well, I don’t suck at dating, I suck at finding, or choosing the right people. I don’t know how I do it? Here’s why…..

I can guarantee the guy I swipe right for will  all of a sudden, have an ex-girlfriend, or a girl that he has secretly been in love with for 10+ Billion years, creep out from under their rocks they have been hiding in alllll this time (SUPRISE)👀 and  confess their Undying love,  or that they want them back, as soon as we start dating, and I like them?!?!   Boom… as fast as road runner….they’re gone!! 💨  yes, this is the ‘Bane of my life” of course, that doesn’t happen with any of the guys I really Don’t connect with!🤦🏼‍♀️ They just keep texting away hoping for date 2 or 3?   “Why can’t you have a hidden woman in a rock somewhere!?

now, I am great at chatting to guys online. If they have something substantial to say. Some Guys seem to get hooked quite quickly??  Is this the same with everyone? Or is my charm really is that great?😉 Pahaha.    Maybe it’s the way I speak, I’m quite fun in my messages, I’m outgoing, confident, not needy in the slightest, and know how to have a good conversation. Oh, modest too.  So where am I going wrong?  Those hidden rocks!! 😠

Does any one else out there have this same problem? We are not alone are we ladies?

I can’t tell you how many times, this has happened, or the ghosting effect… Ghosting is becoming a real thing on Internet dating now. What a crazy world we live in. Where did he go? I mean what happens? you’re getting on really well laughing, you’re attracted to each other, questions back and forth, you reply… And again where did they go?   Why do they do this whhyyyyyyyy???

Then you think it’s you? You must of said something? You must be the reason this person seems to have been sucked into a vortex? You analyse your messages Tuting in disbelief?  NO…. it’s not you!!  😇.        This happens to so many different women, and men to be fair, all over the world. It’s their problem not yours. And let’s face it, half of the time they’re missing out on a dam good catch right?

I am a user of Tinder, and POF, I haven’t experimented with any other sites as of yet. And probably won’t, handling these two is hard enough. Tinder, I’m losing the will, people just want to match for the sake of matching. Does anybody actually speak on there any more?  🙄

what sites does everyone use? And how many of you are with me here? Come on  let us see we’re not on our own ladies? Join me in my lonely date life!😂.

Comment dito if so?👇🏻👌🏻





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