Wonderfully 30ish


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Hi 👋🏻

well,  hopefully you have read my about me, so you understand who on Earth I am, and why I am here.

This first blog… Ever I might add! 😬 (not scared at all?…nooooo) is just really an introduction and hello.

What do you write on your first blog? How do I make people think I’m so wonderful that you want to follow me?   Gosh, the struggle is absolutely real ! 🤦🏼‍♀️

I love and use emojis quite a bit by the way,  who else out there just loves expressing their emotion through text with emojis? They are just so perfect. It’s hard trying to “speak” through text, and these become your besties. 🤪

So, I guess I should elaborate on me, I want to share something with you before I delve into the darkness of my relationship future and history, (which don’t worry, I really won’t share to much detail on the past….just what’s coming)  as we all know dating is hard in general? Online dating, it just gets that one step harder, I mean it is literally a maze of oddballs? You think?  and wannabe’s, the ambitious, and the not so! The clowns, the complete idiots, stalkers, the stunners, and the “ hmmmm, he’s ok” the reaallllly nice who make you laugh & would treat you like a princess, but nope, your not attracted to him guys! you feel no tingle, or no singing going on…if you know what I mean 🙊 ….really… This list goes on and on…. it’s battles as soon as you decide to start dating anyway, but as I said, I wanted to share with you that, I was born with one hand.  I’ve lived my whole life with it 🙄obvs, And it doesn’t stop me doing anything, I’m a very strong independent woman, and I certainly do not hide it from anybody. However, imagine, you’re talking to somebody online for a while,but it’s not really something that you bring up in the conversation without meeting is it? Would you? Or have you done if in a similar situation?    By the way I have a limb missing.  It’s sounds worse than it is! Haha

Then you have to go through the explanation of it when you meet. Mostly, so far so good, I will share my experiences with you throughout this blog though, and how I say ‘mostly’ as that’s what I’m here for.

So ladies, Anyone out there who doubt yourselves, we all have hangups and we all dislike something about ourselves, and there is always another out there who has their own insecurities, and feels alone.

Well you beauties,❤️  that is what I am here for, please feel free to message me, comment, whatever you like I’m here for inspiration even support.  Obviously the more you see and hear of me it will become easier to chat.

No matter what your situation is you can do anything you want!

I hope in time over this blog you get to know me, my likes, my dislikes, who I am as a person and I hope that I inspire you.

There’s quite a lot to me really, and with this being my first, and much longer than I expected post. I hope in time over this blog you get to know me, my likes, my dislikes, who I am as a person and I hope that I inspire you.           I do hope you will join me on my little journey of my wonderful life – my 30-ish life  😍

much love


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