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My Top 5 Things 👌🏻

Good evening, wow what a busy day today, but the Sun has been shining and it’s gorgeous out there. Chilling, listening to my favourite album right now, and I decided I wanted to share my personal must have top 5 things at the moment. I reeaaallly can’t be without these items! 💕.

1. Dermacol Foundation


Dermacol make up is AMAZING ! I have normal to combination skin, and I suffer from rosacea recently .😢 For those of you who don’t know what rosacea is, it’s a skin condition that causes redness across the face with spots, it’s worse on some than others. Dermacol is the best foundation I have ever used, and the tiniest amount covers EVERYTHING. It’s quite thick, and lasts a long time. I wear shade 210, but it varies with tan… and I buy mine from Amazon. I pay around £11/13 for mine, (bargain) price does fluctuate, but don’t buy a really cheap one because it could be fake? nasty.

2. Affect rice powder.

Affect rice powder was a true little treat that came in one of my glossy boxes. (Thank you glossy box❤️)

I have tried endless setting powders…..I never thought I would ever find one?🤷🏼‍♀️ I was wrong. This gem makes my make up stay and stay matt all day. It’s smooth and smells pretty yummy too

3. My star bracelet

The reason I can’t be without this, and I love it so much, is that it has sentimental value. My daughter went on holiday with her dad recently, and with the last of her money she bought me this… How cute is this? I just love it its so pretty on, and it was from my girl so mega spesh!


thanks babe. L❤️ve it!!


4. The Greatest Showman 🎵




I LOVE this (can you tell). Ha, it’s the best soundtrack, the reason its my best….1- I don’t like musicals, and 2- I don’t like soundtrack albums like this normally? But this is my fave album, and I’m in love with the movie to, any of you that haven’t seen it and like Zach Efron… Well let’s face it, he is so beautiful to look at, its worth watching for him, but it’s a must see movie, and the soundtrack is just amazing.

5. Wonderboom.

My wonderful and longest friend brought me this, for no particular reason, just because he thought I deserved it. (How cute). img_9031-1 what an amazing little sound beast this is. You can get them on Amazon, it’s a Bluetooth speaker, but it really has some punch to it. It’s a 360° speaker you can drop it, throw it (trust me, this has been tested…..thanks to my little monkey 😉🐒 ) and it’s waterproof. It connects so easily to your phone, I have an iPhone. And you can take it anywhere, Park/beach/garden….etc. You charge it from the mains. Definitely recommend this for music lovers on the go. Hope you found some little gems yourself here? If you liked any recommendations here, give me the 👍🏻. And have a wonderful evening, or morning or whenever you read this.

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