Hi all,

My name is Emma, I am 30ish, (something that still feels very odd to say as absolutely, there is a 25 year old who looks at me in that mirror everyday? right? i’m sure of it)

I am a single Mom, with two beautiful and lets say eventful children, who I adore and are my heart and my best friends.
I am also full time Uni Student, work part time, and am a general slave to my children. however, I still like to find time to punish myself with the great perplexing world of dating. (I feel the envy..haha)

So, this blog is for you ladies with very busy lives and wondering half the time what day it is now? Yes you….you are not in your own missy! I will share reviews on ANYTHING and everything! 🙂 will hopefully inspire, and create some smiles on the way.  Oh, and not to forget, I will be sharing my dating experiences with you! (eeeek, I hope to help you single ladies out there in any way by sharing)
With no real clue of where exactly it will go… 😉 I hope for your support and friendship.

much Love

Thank you