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Glossy box review..and discount code!

Heeey 👋🏻 So, as promised, here's the review of my June's glossy box! It's not my fav, but even when (if) I ever don't love the months box... I always reeaaaallly like it. Every month! There's something wondrous about receiving this fab little pink beauty box to your door every month! I just love it,… Continue reading Glossy box review..and discount code!

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How inspirational this is……

Morning/afternoon/evening depending on when you're reading? I saw this quote, from the film curious case of Benjamin button. I have never actually seen the film but just this quote alone makes me want to watch it. I'm a huge believer that there's always room to better yourself, be the best version that you can be,… Continue reading How inspirational this is……

Life and this and that’s.

The Gem that is Glossy Box! ❤️

Helloooo. How many of you beauties are subscription box fans? 🙌🏻 So, I only had Birchbox before, but in honesty, I didn't think it was that great, and after a while, products became a bit repetitive and I found I stopped getting excited about receiving my box every month? The end of last year I… Continue reading The Gem that is Glossy Box! ❤️

Life and this and that’s.

My Top 5 Things 👌🏻

Good evening, wow what a busy day today, but the Sun has been shining and it's gorgeous out there. Chilling, listening to my favourite album right now, and I decided I wanted to share my personal must have top 5 things at the moment. I reeaaallly can't be without these items! 💕. 1. Dermacol Foundation… Continue reading My Top 5 Things 👌🏻