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Glossy box review..and discount code!

Heeey 👋🏻 So, as promised, here's the review of my June's glossy box! It's not my fav, but even when (if) I ever don't love the months box... I always reeaaaallly like it. Every month! There's something wondrous about receiving this fab little pink beauty box to your door every month! I just love it,… Continue reading Glossy box review..and discount code!

Life and this and that’s.

The Gem that is Glossy Box! ❤️

Helloooo. How many of you beauties are subscription box fans? 🙌🏻 So, I only had Birchbox before, but in honesty, I didn't think it was that great, and after a while, products became a bit repetitive and I found I stopped getting excited about receiving my box every month? The end of last year I… Continue reading The Gem that is Glossy Box! ❤️

Life and this and that’s.

My Top 5 Things 👌🏻

Good evening, wow what a busy day today, but the Sun has been shining and it's gorgeous out there. Chilling, listening to my favourite album right now, and I decided I wanted to share my personal must have top 5 things at the moment. I reeaaallly can't be without these items! 💕. 1. Dermacol Foundation… Continue reading My Top 5 Things 👌🏻

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The one time it was a problem…?

Dating with a secret... Hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog, third post ever !! 😁  of course you would have read my last two and are now back in anticipation for my third?! (🤞🏻🤞🏻) ha This blog is for anyone (at all) but, specifically anyone who has a disability, or a hang up, worry… Continue reading The one time it was a problem…?


Online Dating. Now you see them, now you don’t.

So, i'm no expert in dating, although, I feel like it sometimes, I have had many dates over the past 4/5 years and yep, I am STILL single! My dreams of sat, grabbing a quick coffee on my lunch break, happily sipping at my americano, unaware that the man of my dreams, everything I want,… Continue reading Online Dating. Now you see them, now you don’t.


Wonderfully 30ish

  Hi 👋🏻 well,  hopefully you have read my about me, so you understand who on Earth I am, and why I am here. This first blog… Ever I might add! 😬 (not scared at all?...nooooo) is just really an introduction and hello. What do you write on your first blog? How do I make… Continue reading Wonderfully 30ish